Reasons Why Men Cheat (1)

4 Common Reasons Why Men Cheat On Their Women

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There are a lot of reasons why men cheat on their women. Reasons that extend from just discontentment to falling out of love. Some reasons are too complicated for any typical person could understand like for fun despite their so-called “true love” to their partner. And then there is a reason for being seduced by someone else and being helpless about it.

Unbelievable, right? But it happens in real life. So what can you do about it?

It is easy to shame or blame men for their actions, but it is not always entirely men’s fault. You are probably raising your eyebrow right now. But admit it or not, women are also to blame for men’s actions. And that goes vice versa of course.

It is true about humans not being perfect. We are weak beings with our free will and judgment. That is why no one should shame or judge other people because more likely than not, you have also done your share of mistakes and bad decisions. Maybe not the same as the other, but mistakes and bad decisions all the same. So let’s not be all hypocrites and admit reality as it is.

Now, let’s get back to the topic and be done with it. Here are some common reasons why men cheat on their women.

Losing Interest

Relationships are fun and thrilling the most in their early stage. The getting-to-know-each-other part is always the most exciting time of any relationship. As long as there is still some stuff that gives the thrill to each other, the fun continues. It is the mystery of the other that draws the partner close and interested.

But what happens when there is nothing more to explore? Yes, you guessed it. Things will start to make a turn. Most of the time, the process is slow so it happens unnoticed or simply ignored. Little actions that make you wonder but decided not to give it much of a big deal. You hold on to the idea that love should always “trust”. Plus, the fact that being paranoid will only lead to an argument will only do more damage than help.

Here is how the process works. At first stage of disinterest, the partner will start to chip off valuable time from your routine for each other. It starts with an hour or two and then eventually turns to a day. Losing interest means that the guy thinks it is not worth spending more time because it bores him. Basically, women do the same thing in a similar situation.

The second stage is about looking for a diversion. They will start looking for something that will fill in the gap of losing interest to their partner. This is where it will all start to crumble. Once the man finds the right diversion, aka another woman, he will get used to being away from his partner. And that is the third and final stage—growing apart and ultimately moving on.

What you should do is be open-minded. I’m not talking about exploring kinky things but that works too sometimes. It means to be open to adventurous and fun things. You know your partner and what makes him tick so find an appropriate activity that will stimulate him. Nothing is too much if you are doing it for your beloved. But if you are too lazy to do that and you prefer alibis like being busy and all, I guess losing your man isn’t all a bad thing for you. Keep in mind that regret always comes too late.

Unwanted Changes

We all know that change is the only constant in this world. Unfortunately, not every change is good for everyone. The same goes for a relationship. Along the course of your romance, habits form and new kinks develop. And then there is also some new attitude that will start to show. A character that is not usually there will emerge and leads to why men cheat on their women.

As difficult as it is to control those changes, you have no choice but to adapt. This must be asking too much but it is the cost of keeping your man. You have to extend your usual length of patience, understanding, and acceptance. The same goes for men, of course. But this is about men’s issues so let’s stick to men.

These changes include an extended amount of nagging, checking up in wee hours about his whereabouts and what he is doing, and ridiculous need for time together. A woman should not forget that everyone needs his privacy sometimes. Everyone needs an alone time to keep one’s own sanity. Every person needs friends too to keep his feet on the ground.

The same applies to men. They need their alone-time every now and then. Men need their buddies to keep them stay sane and also to miss their women. For crying out loud, give him chance to miss you.

No matter how much he tells you that he only wants to be with you, don’t believe him. He just loves you too much that’s why he is telling you things you always want to hear. But give it time and he will start losing interest because he got used to you so much.

Just look at it this way; would you be willing to stay in the same room all your life when you can see all the fun just right outside your door and window? Would you enjoy eating the same pizza flavor for five whole years when you can have a burger and a cake next to your plate?

Women must realize that before the relationship, their men survived without them. They have things they want to do on their own. They have adventures that they enjoy with other people like their friends and workmates. So when you try to change him by making him spend all his time exclusively to you, you are depriving him to breathe in his own ways. You are separating him for what makes him the way he is and why you loved him in the first place.

Changes such as becoming a full-time nagger and a personal security guard of your partner do not help to improve things. It makes it more difficult for them to think clearly and see you as the person they fell in love with. Men get easily blinded especially when they’re fed up and pissed. Those little changes that deprive him of his likes and what makes him the guy you knew will push him away eventually from you. Thus, finding someone else to remind him of who he was before all of this would seem like a very good idea.

Finding Flaws

Early stages of relationship only show handful information about each other’s true identity and character. Most people only show his best in the first phase of the relationship. The need to impress the other is the basic instinct that cannot be denied.

After some time, when things start to settle and comfortable, that other side of you that has not been seen before will eventually manifest. Flaws that give a reason why men cheat are subjective depending on the person. And if the man is not pleased with what he sees, the losing-interest-process starts to kick in. You already know what is waiting for you on the third and final stage, right?

Falling Out of Love

Falling out of love is basically the result of one or a fusion of the first three reasons. When a man finds himself not in love with his partner anymore, he does everything to pull himself away from her. It is tragic but it is the reality. It happens no matter how you deny it.

A man that is not in love with you anymore tends to find the love he needs to someone else. So it is best that in the early stage of your relationship, know him well. If you come to a conclusion that it just does not tick for both of you, learn to let go. Do not waste time and energy for a lost cause. If love is not there anymore, move on and prevent the wreckage of making fool out of yourself. Unless if you are a masochist who enjoys the pleasure of being emotionally hurt and broken for the rest of your time together, then I hope it is all worth it.

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