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Love Letter For No One

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Dear Dream Girl,

I remember you. Like all the time. Your pretty face that lingers in my thoughts. I have planned a life with you. I have imagined every day with you. The waking up in the morning with you at the first second the sunshine touches my eyes. I have lived some moments with your eyes looking at me. And those are the best moments by far. Nothing compares to you. And I have told you that over and over again.

This letter will never reach you. And if it does, I will never admit anything about this. I have accepted it already. That I will never ever get to call you mine. Perhaps only in my dreams and in my waking thoughts.

Yes, I have fantasized about you. Gave you the stars and the moon in my mind. I even gave you the world just to see you smile. I have fantasized about you. We made love in my thoughts. We kissed like we will never be together again. We embraced like we will never see each other again. We cuddled like it is the only thing that we should be doing. And in those imaginings, we made a life for each other. Grew old with each other.

The first time I ever saw your face, I have thought of keeping you for myself. If only it was meant to be. But still, it did not stop me from getting close to you. I took the risk of being with you in exchange of breaking my heart in the end. And I was right. You are worth it.

You made me sing. And those songs meant so much to me that every word painted all my illusions towards you. You are the best thing that ever happened to me. Despite the tragedy, I still believe that I will never ever find someone better than you.

I love you. I know I have told you that more than I could count. And I still have more of it inside me. Ask me now and I will tell you without a pause how much I love you. In spite of all the pain, I can still say how much you made me happy. Even when all I ever got is a fantasy of you. You told me time and again that you should have been mine. And even if there will never be truth behind it, it still made me happy. And I have wished so hard for the magic to happen. That I could somehow find a magic wand every time I leave your side on my way home. And when I did make it home, I fall into a sad slumber until I start dreaming of you. Or if not, I will just hold on to the hope that I will see you again tomorrow.

My dream girl, I want to wait for you. But I do not see the future anymore that I would find you there waiting for me too. You have been different. And I do not feel that you are going to be the same again. So I will wake up now. I will live with your memories with me. Please know that I will never ever try to forget you. My time with you is the proof that I have been alive. My time with you have made me sane. You put me back to reality while I dream of a life with you.

This letter is not to tell you goodbye. No. I can never get you off my life. I will never take you off my life. Not even in my heart. This letter is for my peace of mind. So that I could start accepting the reality that I belong here and you over there. So my dream girl, see you when I see you and thank you for everything.


Yours and mine, always,


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