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Blogging Activity: Things You Need to Do

Blogging Tips

Has your blog generated traffic? Have you been active with your blogging activity?

Do you think it is enough?

Would you like to get more?

I have some tips that you can apply for your blog that might help gather more traffic and finally get a higher ranking in Google’s search queries.

Participate in blog commenting

It is known that it is vital that you respond to your blog’s comments from your readers. But did you know that you should do it on other sites that is not yours?

Yes, you read it right.

That means you need to visit and read other blogs as well. And leave comments as much as possible. That is what you should do in your blogging activity.

As soon as you get some attention and responses, try to mention your site or make references that lead to one of your posts that deemed relevant or of use to the flow of conversation.

Follow the trend

Another important thing about writing is that your topic should be relatable and if possible current and trending.

Always choose a topic that you know people will actually read.

Of course, that will require you to consistently research and be in the loop for what is up and about presently.

Keep your audiences entertained

Keep in mind that we are in the business where we should keep our audiences interested and entertained if we want them to keep coming around.

So when you are writing for your blog, do not just give information. Keep it conversational and high-spirited.

Make them feel like they are having a talk to a friend that they are fond with.

Remember: Boredom kills a company.

Promote and not sell

When using social media to promote your site, keep it interesting enough that will get them curious.

Avoid making it sound like you are selling them something. Trust me, if that is your style of inviting audiences, do not expect visitors.

Sales pitch often gives an impression that they will not get any good article. Just a statement that is most likely boring, nonsense and yes, selling.

Make it simple and engaging like you are about to tell them something interesting and they will love what they will find.

Put some character in your writing

I am not talking about a person character in a story-telling genre. I am talking about your own character as a writer. Your attitude and style.

If you are the comedic type of person, make sure to show it in your writing.

People loves to laugh or just be entertained.

A gnarly way of talking is also preferable to some readers. Some like witty and sarcastic.

Incorporate a memorable attitude to your writing and they will most likely to remember you and your site.

Always end with a call-to-action statement

Yes, encourage them to respond. You posted a topic and that means you are trying to make an interaction with your readers.

Make them express their thoughts about your article and let the exchange of ideas happen.

This way, you can also monitor if your topics are interesting enough to get reactions and even get more ideas to talk about for your next post.

If you learned a thing or two with your blogging activity, please share so we could help other bloggers with their sites.

And if you have ideas that you think you can add for this topic, please feel free to leave a comment and let us discuss it.

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