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Game Of Thrones Season 8 May Be Aired In 2019

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Update: Game of Thrones was definitely moved to air in 2019.

For the die-hard fans of the beloved epic TV series Game of Thrones, another three months of waiting before the season 7 starts airing would seem like a torment—probably. I can only imagine.

Anticipated that the show should have started its weekly routine to be aired since last April, HBO announced that Game of Thrones season 7 will get delayed until July 16 this year. And what do you think the reaction of the fans would be?

Thousands of memes have been flooding Twitter and other social media platforms. And most of them are hilarious if not at all silly and ridiculous. And those are as far as we only know.



Unfortunately, when the HBO programming president Casey Bloys said in an interview at Entertainment Weekly that season 8 might be aired in 2019, the crowd goes wild. I mean, personally, I am also surprised. What are they trying to achieve from this? Are they trying to build a greater tease with this move?

To think that they even reduced the number of episodes to 7 from the usual 10 is already outrageous for the fans. And then they bomb the world with another delaying news. And they are not even talking about months. It is going to be two years of waiting.

Are they really planning to release season 8 in the next two years? Wouldn’t that kill the momentum of where the season 7 left off? Wouldn’t some of the fans totally lose their minds?

According to, they tried to reach HBO for some answers regarding this news but to no avail. Hopefully, their silence should mean that they are still not decided on that plan yet. And that there could be a chance that the season 9 will air sometime around next year. Just like the usual schedule, right?

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