Game Of Thrones: HBO Cheated By Torrent Apps

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The upcoming Game of Thrones episode 4 of HBO is currently spreading like fire in the online community. Although the giant network has issued warning messages to internet service providers (ISPs), a lot of online users do not seem to care. After all, people love free stuff.

Game Of Thrones leaks

Game of Thrones is currently considered the greatest show on earth. And if you think otherwise then you will have a bit of a conflict with the millions of fans of the show around the world. With all its action scenes, funny punch lines, controversial storyline, nudity, and sex, this TV show has almost everything in it if not yet complete. Everyone impatiently waits for every episode it releases. Some of them secretly wish of another leaked episode. Like the incident back in 2015 with the four first episodes of season 5 that have gone viral on the internet.

Now, a similar incident had just happened earlier today. The upcoming episode 4 of Game of Thrones season 7 has appeared on some of the top torrent sites. The number of downloads multiplies exponentially by the second right after it released using torrent apps.

The Piracy problem

One of the most used torrent apps is BitTorrent. This torrent app is used to transfer files and data over the internet. Its best purpose is for large files to get moved from one end to another without losing integrity in the process. But their protocol is currently the most accessible way for pirates to distribute copyrighted files and media as well.

These pirates mostly work under the guise of serving freedom over the internet. While that is a very tempting idealism, artists are the ones who substantially and negatively affected by this. They lose profits that should have been the means to make them a living, although surely enough, HBO will not get bankrupt with this recent Game of Thrones leak incident. But still, this ruins a lot of creative and artists in various industries whether directly or indirectly affiliated with the internet.

What can HBO do?

But piracy has been a problem for many industries. And while there will always be a means for people to commit this illegal activity, the problem will stay. So for now, perhaps HBO should do something about these torrent apps. If they want to avoid this incident ever to happen again, they should come up with a better solution than just sending out warning messages. In fact, all of the industries that use the internet should band together to stop piracy. And perhaps, they should start with the means rather than just merely scaring people off with banner messages on their screens.

There are currently hundreds of torrent apps out there that can be used to access and download files from the internet. Compared to the number of online users that HBO should be monitoring and look after, these torrent apps are fewer. Instead of just coordinating with the ISPs, perhaps they should also confront the developers of these apps. It might not be plausible, but there is the idea. They just have to work around it. Find some loopholes or something to fix the problem. And besides, it is worth the try considering the loss these individual artists and companies are suffering. Until then, people will find more of these episodes and other sorts of media to download for free.

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