God and the Question of Perfection

God and the Question of Perfection

The following article about God is just a product of my own musing. It could prove offensive to others. Rest assured that such is not my intention. This is only to express some of the ideas as a thinking Christian usually does.


“Practice makes perfect”

“Nobody is perfect”

Those are the two contradicting statement about the term PERFECTION.

What is perfection?

Perfection is a state or condition of being free from flaws and defects.

While everybody is in awe with the idea of being perfect, the question still resonates; is there really such a thing as a perfect thing or being?

Religious sects would be quick to say that perfection is equivalent to God. That He is the only being that is deserving of such claim. I cannot disagree with that I suppose. I have been raised to learn almost everything about our very own creator. That anyone who does not acknowledge God should be considered a blasphemous form of act. And from that idea, I began to question the people that surround the idea of God.

Why would there be different religions?

Why is there hate among other religions?

I did not intend to question God but the statement remains: Nobody is perfect.

Sure it can be interpreted as God having no actual “body”. There are a lot of smart-asses out there. And that is fine. But how about the statement that says “You can never please anybody”? Wait, what? How does that relate to the other statements?

Here is where it connects.

If perfection means the absence of flaw, then, therefore, perfection is bound to be an image that ALL people will love. There is no reason for anybody to dislike or hate a perfect being. He is free of anything that anyone could hate. So in conclusion, perfection should please everyone. There is no exception as that will destroy the idea of being perfect. Perfect has no flaws nor defects.

So, to discuss the question in a more specific term; is God perfect?

If He is the image of perfection then why do some people hated him? If He is the epitome of being free of flaw, then why does conflict among His children happen? Why did Lucifer rose against Him?

You could say that it was not “hate” that drove Lucifer to rise against God but envy. And envy is defined as a feeling of discontented or resentful longing aroused by someone else’s possessions, qualities, or luck. So basically, it means Lucifer was envious of God’s qualities. Envy is not like hate.

I will disagree on that claim.

Envy may not be the equal of hate but it is not irrelevant. When you love someone, you accept that someone. Acceptance does not envy. Therefore, Lucifer did not love God. And if Lucifer did not love God, he saw something that was not favorable to the idea that God is perfect. In that idea alone proves that God is not perfect.

Another argument would be, if God is perfect, then everything He does and creates will reflect Him. God created man. So, how come man is not perfect? You can say that it was not man’s intention to sway from God’s will. It was Eve, the woman, who persuaded Adam to do the sin. But we must consider that Eve came from Adam’s. And we must remember that Adam came from God. So in a practical sense, God had created something that was not perfect all along, which leads to the fact that God is prone to mistakes. And that God is basically never perfect.

You could hate me all you want but you must consider that what I stated in this argument is practically making sense. We were just brainwashed by our culture and blinded faith that God is the image of perfection and the absence of fault, flaw and irregularities.

Nevertheless, I still believe in God. I was raised as a Christian and I am still a Christian. I fear God just like any other guy on this earth. But since God gave us the “free will” to think and decide for ourselves, we are entitled to follow Him on our own accord. Not blindly, no.

If He is a just God He will not love the idea that we are being driven by a blind faith towards Him. I believe it would make Him more delighted if we follow and love Him because we do it using the gifts He gave us—the gift of FREE WILL. And free will involves thinking logically.

I guess I already made my point. Thank you for reading and making it this far.

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