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Spoilers alert!

Have you watched the latest Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2?

Honestly, I expected too much from the villain Ego, played by Kurt Russel. I mean, come on. Why would you reveal that you killed the mother of the guy that you wanted to recruit to be your partner or heir or whatever his plan was.

And why would Ayesha, leader of some sovereign race, hire the service of the guardians in the first place? Couldn’t they fix the problem (Abilisk) on their own?

Although I must admit that I have enjoyed the movie as a whole, and that of course because of some funny moments and even cute ones by Baby Groot.

So okay, let’s follow the trend and start with some surprise cameo role from Sylvestre Stallone (Stakar Ogord), which it would seem to be the first and original guardians along with Yondu himself and some characters back when they were young. They were formerly known as The Ravagers I believe. Stakar Ogord was early known as StarHawk.

It’s pretty admirable that James Gunn included and paid a little tribute to the original Guardians of the Galaxy members.

But unfortunately, I cannot get past the part where the villain is not as exciting as I have anticipated. Kurt Russel is good with his character and that is a fact. But the ending was not as epic as I have expected. If not for Rocket’s bad mouth, Baby Groot’s silly and cute antics, Destroyer’s dumb exchange of conversation with Mantis and some of Star-Lord’s cringe moments, I would probably have rated the film 1-star.

Plus, story-wise, there was not much going on actually. Some revelations on the side and some space battle that’s quite made me interested but overall, it’s not as juicy as the first volume.

Peter’s growing affection to Gamora isn’t highlighted pretty well. Scenes with Quill and Ego the living planet are mostly left to be explained by animated giant 3D rendering thingy around them.

So, sadly there weren’t “Whoa!” moments there.

The great thing about the ending was Yondu’s display of how dangerous he really is once you set him off. His love for Peter as a son is really touching. And also the part where Ego transformed into a giant version of him made of rocks and Peter did the same, only he turned into Pac-Man was something to be really smiling about.

And for the beginning and the middle of the whole movie, well, I couldn’t remember much. It wasn’t as memorable as it’s supposed to.

The only reason I stayed till the end of the film was probably because I have grown to love the characters from the first Guardians of the Galaxy installation.

I would give this movie 3 out of 5 stars—mostly for the fun scenes.

Sure, I can recommend this movie to all of you. It is still worth it for the laughs and entire crazy things going in some parts of the story.

If it’s still showing in your theatres, do go see it. Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2 is good!

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