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Are iPhone X, 8, And 8 Plus Just Expensive Rip Offs?

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Almost every big name in the mobile phone industry has their prices notched up each year. One good example of this is Apple’s iPhone 8, 8 Plus, and X. Significantly, the iPhone X is currently the most expensive with $1000 price tag.

The latest iPhones are supposed to be the bearer of the name “greatest” this year. It is what people have always expected for the past decade. But this year, it is just not the case anymore. With the release of the new iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, and soon right after, the iPhone X, a lot of people even the loyal fans of the product is starting to question the intention behind the overall feature of these iPhones.

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The Design

First off, the most obvious point is the look of these phones. The iPhone 8 looks identical with the previous iPhones starting from iPhone 6 onwards. If there is any differentiation between the two, one would need to look closer to figure that out. Sadly, it’s just a recycled design, and yet, it is still expensive.

Second, is the ugly bar at the top screen of the iPhone X. No matter how Apple sugarcoats that annoying thingy on iPhone X’s forehead, it still feels that it does not belong there. A lot of tech reviewers have said their opinions on that excess bar and most of them if not all are simply against it. Obviously, there are a lot of ways to implement technology without sacrificing the overall design of the phone.

Face ID

The new Face ID technology is impressive. Unfortunately, it is not yet reliable. It even raises a lot of security issues.

One of the most critical issues is the part where anybody could open and access your phone by just placing it in front of your face. Another person would only need to grab you, and the phone will be accessible.

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The next one was the part where Tim Cook tried to use the Face ID in front of millions of people, and it failed. Apparently, despite that this technology has been around for many years, and Apple improved the technology, it is still in its infant stage. So yes, $1000 dollar is just asking too much.

Fast Charging

Good news! After the long wait, Apple finally decided to put the fast charging technology on their iPhone products. The bad news is that it is sold separately. That means you will only get the old power charging brick when you purchase the new iPhones. Now that is a clear rip off—fast charging technology without the fast charger.

The reason why Apple is overpricing their iPhone products is that we let them do it. People are telling Apple that it is alright by still buying their products in spite of the pricing and sloppy design. Consumers should realize that they have the last say on the matter and that Apple should know better.

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