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7 Simple Office Cleaning Hacks That You Can Do Right Now

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If the management has not yet hired its own office janitorial services, you are all left to do your own cleaning routines in your own office cubicles. Then you should check out and learn some simple office cleaning hacks that will keep your workspace a lot more nice and tidy. Although if I were your boss, I will definitely hire office cleaning services near me. But since this is about office cleaning hacks, here are some tips for you.

7 Simple Office Cleaning Hacks

Sticky Scissors

Does your scissor look like it needs some wiping? Well, here’s a fix for that. Get a small rag and dip it into vinegar. It not only cleans and polishes the blades; it also prevents the scissor from rusting.

sticky scissor (1)

Chair Stains

Most offices that need cleaning services are those with a number of employees and a huge estate that have a lot of modern pieces of furniture like chairs and tables. We all know how much challenge microfiber upholsteries can be when it comes to keeping it clean. Some typical water-based solutions sometimes leave marks and even stain if not properly used.

What you can do is to use rubbing alcohol and spray it on the desired area. It will not leave any stain. It will not leave any pungent smell. And most of all, it will disinfect your chair. How’s that for quick and easy office cleaning hacks?

Dirty Blinds

Window blinds are common in an office. So if your work area happens to have one, then this tip will be useful for you.

dirty blinds (1)

Use a small cloth and dampen it with water and vinegar solution (10mL water and 10mL vinegar). Rub the cloth to each slat of the blinds. The solution acts as a sanitizer and the dampness helps with softening the dirt and stains that might have built upon it.

Do not worry about the strong smell though. It will fade as soon as the vinegar dries up.

Keyboard crumbs

Sometimes, using a brush to clean your keyboard will only make the dirt and crumbs seep deeper into the spaces between the keys. And that’s just gross.

keyboard (1)

Don’t worry. There is a simple way to get rid of those crumbs and dust. Use sticky notes’ adhesive part to grab those tiny wee pieces that brush won’t be able to reach or take out.

Foggy Monitors

Alcohol usually can damage electronic screens and surfaces. So to keep your computer monitor smooth and free from foggy reflections, use a microfiber cloth. Dampen it with water and wipe it on the surface.

Do not forget about wiping it again. This time with a dry cloth to rid the monitor screen of streak marks.

Whiteboard Stains

If you accidentally used the permanent marker on your office’s whiteboard, don’t panic. There is a solution for that. Just get a dry erase marker and write it over the permanent marker’s stain. Use a dry cloth to wipe the still wet dry erase marker. Et voila! The stain disappears.

Whiteboard stains (1)

Trash Odors

It is a requirement that cleaning services for offices are present to keep sanitation on a daily basis. That is because if there are none, trash cans with garbage that stays longer than a day or two will most likely start to emit unpleasant odors.

If such is the case, you can temporarily use baking soda to eliminate the stench by sprinkling it onto the garbage container. Baking soda is known for these types of remedies.

If you know more tips and simple office cleaning hacks, please feel free to share it here with us. Leave your messages in the comment section. Let’s strive to keep this community useful, helpful, and always positive by sharing a simple home and personal improvement tips and tricks.

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