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The Razer Phone Is What We Are Waiting For

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Not everyone is interested in a smartphone with a great camera. There actually exist millions of people who only want a smartphone that can do call, text, social media, multimedia player, and lots of gaming. Believe it or not, there are people like us who only want to play games every spare time. That is why the latest Razer phone felt like an answered prayer.

The Razer Phone Hardware

In case you have not learned about the Razer phone yet, it has the majority of most of the popular flagship hardware spec. It has Qualcomm Snapdragon 835, Adreno 540, 8GB of RAM and an impressive 4000mAh battery. It has 64GB of internal and accepts additional memory card of up to 256GB. That is just some of the most worth mentioning things about this phone.

Not-So-Good Camera

Although it does not boast about its camera, it is not bad after all. It is certainly not the one of the best out there but it is decent enough. It sports a dual 12mp rear camera with a f/1.8 aperture. The front cam has 8mp with f/2.0 aperture. Though the primary back camera has a huge aperture sensor, it’s output is not on par with the popular flagships. So the camera here will not be the main feature.

The Highlights

One of the features that the Razer phone highlighted was its 120hz refresh rate. That means up to 120fps. This is best for high framerate games but presently there is no game in Play Store that runs on 120hz yet. So it is safe to say that considering the hardware, Razer phone is future-proof for at least three more years.

Razer Phone 120Hertz Refresh rate

By far, the Razer phone made a very bold move with regards to the design of this smartphone. You can tell that they really meant a phone for gamers. For one, the front facing speaker is the bezel. It’s the loudest and crispiest smartphone ever. And the front placement itself indicates that this is really intended to satisfy the gaming geek in you. It rocks in Dolby Atmos stereo speakers which also THX-certified amplifiers.

Not Bezel-less in 2018?

For those who are wondering about the absence of a bezel-less screen, you have the answer right there. One is because it would be awkward to hold the smartphone in both hands if the screen reaches out to the edge. Two, it is so to put that edge-to-edge blasting front-facing speaker for a crisp audio experience.

Another significant missing feature is the headphone jack. Like most 2017 flagships, it has just the USB type-C for charging, data, and audio input. Otherwise, you can use a Bluetooth headset or speaker. And you will also notice that the fingerprint sensor is placed on the side making it more convenient to unlock the phone when you are holding it,

Currently, it runs on Android 8.1 Nougat but Razer promised to send out the Pie update soon. It has the Nova Prime launcher as its default skin with an almost pure Android experience. No bloatware to negate the whole experience. Just plain Android gaming experience right there.

Razer Phone front design

A final thought.

Although probably most of the people based their choice for smartphone through the quality of the camera, there are people like us who pay little attention to that. There are actually individuals out there who appreciate only features that enhance the gaming experience on a mobile platform. And this latest release from Razer hits the sweet spot for all of us gamers alike.

I don’t know about your preferences but between the latest Samsung Galaxy Note 8, Google Pixel 2 XL, the iPhone X, and this Razer phone, I will undoubtedly choose the Razer phone in a heartbeat. I’m just not so much into photography or selfies. I spend most of my time playing games on my smartphone. And this one will certainly be my new daily driver.

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