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The Girl On The Train: A True Classic

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This movie is what my friend would always say “shockingly unexpected”. I have honestly expected it to be sexual and all. Having to hear things about The Girl On The Train, I imagined it would be just like any household story you would always hear or watch.

I must tell you that it is not.

Emma Blunt did a pretty good job being Rachel, the drunkard woman and apparently the main character of the story.

The first half of the story points out to the issues of Rachel who drowned her life with booze and ended up ruining her married life after some consecutive unsuccessful attempt to conceive a child.
And then, she suddenly became obsessed with this couple whom she had fantasized about each day whenever she rode the train to nowhere–which happens to be her neighbor as well.

One night, she woke up bloodied and without much recollection of the last hours of being drunk.
And to make matters worse, Megan, her neighbor, was reported missing.

I really do not want to spoil the movie for everyone who has not watched it yet. But one thing I would like to note about this film: Do not expect too much on your first assumptions. You are probably as wrong as I was.

I have hated Rachel’s character the whole time and quite frankly, I forgot that I was just watching a movie. The director, Tate Taylor, did a fine job making this masterpiece a one roller-coaster-ride. Along with the wonderful men and women behind the making of this great movie. And I must say that the cast was fairly keeping up.

Emma Blunt was magnificent.

I will have this one for my collection. I heard that the book was even better so I suppose I am going to have one for myself.

I highly recommend this movie so please, do give this one a chance. It is worth it. –Rene Manguerra

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