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The Titan: Sloppy Writing with a Bad Ridiculous Ending

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So I watched The Titan from Netflix. This one promising movie starring Sam Worthington (Clash of the Titans, Avatar), Taylor Schilling, and Tom Wilkinson is squandered by a very bad nonsensical ending. Not to be a sour reviewer but this is as honest as I want to be without the harsh words.

The Titan Story

I am going to make this brief. The Titan film heads for a very good opening storyline. The Earth is overpopulated and about to go into its final years. We do not have the technology to go to another planet and turn it into Earth two. So what we did is opt for the next best thing; make ourselves or the next generation of humans adapt to the harsh environment of another heavenly body. In this case, it’s the Titan. It is one of the moons of the planet Saturn.

The Titan Man

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As I said, the story had a very interesting start. As a viewer, you will be struck with expectations and possibilities of seeing Lieutenant Rick Janssen (Sam Worthington) making it big at the moon Titan. And that is the disappointing part. The whole movie happened on the Earth. Not in Titan.

I know that that is not such a bad idea but I’m just saying that it is an expectation. So if the whole story has to happen on Earth, so be it. Bring it on.

The Experience

So I stuck with the movie, waiting for a climax to happen or take some exciting turn. Lt. Janssen signed up for the program. I watched him develop some extraordinary abilities. It was exciting and all. But then, there came the second half of the story. It started to get boring. The people that signed up for the program started dying. I know what you’re thinking. People started dying and it’s boring? Are you high? I guess I am.

Don’t get me wrong. I love sci-fi movies. I love Sam Worthington from the previous movies he was in. But in this movie, he sucked. I just found out that he does not know how to act. From the very beginning, he was a cold character despite the fact that his role is an affectionate family man with his kids and wife. But sadly, he is one of the reasons the movie starts to lose its promise.

Rick Janssen and family

Why it sucks?

So why is it that the movie is boring despite the dead people? It’s boring because the story started to not make sense after the first half. Sure, the transformation started to happen. Their minds started to get messed up. But Lt. Janssen is not affected. Okay, so he probably is compatible with the experiment. Fine, I get it. But come to the last chapter of the story. While it became to start to look so predictable, it became even worse that the story does not make sense anymore.

The dialogue is poor. The storytelling is even worse. And the twist at the end sucks. Why is that?

The Disappointments

Well, there is this one scene at the ending that I still do not get. This is pretty much how it goes. So Lt. Janssen is caught and locked inside a glass thingy (I don’t know what they call it). He is surrounded by military people with guns pointed in his direction.

Then came the wife requested by the doctor who invented the formula that made them transform into a superhuman.  The wife is supposed to convince Lt. Janssen to continue the program and leave to the Titan as soon as possible because his body is not suitable for Earth anymore.

So the wife has to inject him of some serum that will make him forget everything. She was handed the syringe but turns out she does not want his husband to forget. Fine, then. If that’s what she wants. Being melodramatic and all. But if you come to think of it, your husband will go to a place where he is going to be alone for the rest of his life. Why would you want him to bring along the memories that will make him suffer for being there? For those of you who suffered being alone and away from your loved ones, you know what I mean. It is painful. But that is an option for anyone, so no more argument about that. I just have to ask that question.

But that is not the worst part. The worst part is the wife knowing that her husband is still vulnerable to bullets. But she still made him go berserk while 10-20 military men point their gun at him. So I started wondering. Does she want her husband dead now?

And then there is this scene where W.O. Tally Rutherford, played by Nathalie Emmanuel (Missandei of Game of Thrones) attacks military armed men despite knowing that she is outnumbered. Another big sigh.

And one other question I wanted to ask, after all her husband went through, not to mention how hideous he became, why would you not let him finish the mission? It’s over. He is already there. He is beyond saving. It’s an insult to what the man had fought for to get there. Why would she throw it all away?

As usual

But then, as well as how all movies go, of course, the protagonist does not die despite the flying bullets. As expected, he survived the scene. And then, went on to go to Titan. That’s the end part. He went there. Then the movie is done.


I have a lot of displeasures in this movie. But I will just say it as it is. It sucks. I finished the movie with many questions, heavy heart, and a disappointed expectation. Sam should not have agreed to take this movie. The writing and directing are so bad, it made me write this review.

And for the rating, I will give this movie 2 out of ten stars rating. Those two stars are for the good start only. Without that, I would have given it zero.

Should you watch it? For people with low expectations, sure, go for it. The rest should not bother anymore.

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