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The Witcher on Netflix Might Not live Up to Expectation

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I can’t say that I know The Witcher games very well. I have learned about this game title for quite some time now, and it has made some hype among the gaming community. But certainly, I am a fan of Henry Cavill. So when I heard about him getting the role of Geralt for The Witcher, I immediately searched about it on Google so that I can relate to the show.

Netflix's The Witcher


Well, when the first clip of Cavill as Geralt spread online, a lot of fans of the game have mixed feelings. Some of them are complaining about the beard and that Geralt of Cavill looks nothing of the current character.

So I did look it up and found out that the Geralt that Cavill plays is actually right. There is a story about a young Geralt that has no beard and all. So that could also mean that the story that Netflix is going for would be the time when Geralt was just starting as a monster hunter of some sort.

The Witcher and its Credibility as a Netflix Show

If you are wondering about The Witcher and its goal to stay true to the original source material, you can rest easy. The show that is an adaptation for the Polish novels by Andrzej Sapkowski will be as close as possible to its original form.

It is normal that people worry that the show runners would drag this epic title to the ground with their ambitious but unrealistic vision. But fortunately, Netflix seems to be on the right track for now.

The Witcher on Netflix


And to make it more interesting, Sapkowski is the show’s creative consultant. So we can expect to see The Witcher as the faithful adaptation for the game version.

While all are said and done, we are still to find out whether Netflix’s The Witcher will live up to expectation or it becomes another hyped up title that we would not want to see.

We can expect Netflix’s The Witcher to launch in the last quarter of 2019. That is based on an article from Deadline website. Until then, we will keep you posted for more details.

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