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Titans TV Series: Better Than I Expected

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Looking back months before the Titans TV series was introduced in Comic-Con, it brought a subtle feeling of excitement in me. Admittedly, I am a big fan of all superheroes shows whether it is on movies or TV. But honestly, I never really watched any Titans episodes or read any materials about it before. So my idea of the Titans story arc is as good as anyone.

Titans members

Just a reminder though, the following commentary might give you some spoilers. So I would suggest that you should watch the available episodes of Titans TV series before continuing. But if you are willing to take that risk, well, be my guest then.

Titans TV Series Impression

The Fight Scenes

First, I would like to emphasize on the intro of Titans. The appearance of Batman’s dark silhouette and the rest of the Justice League gang was a nice touch. DCU finally has a good intro similar to that of Marvel. And then that music beat was effectively setting the tone of what’s about to come.

Robin fights

Yes, the first 10 minutes did deliver. There was that impressive fight scene that you often only see on movies. That quality of fight choreography is seldom seen on any TV shows. I have not seen it all, but I can say that the scene was like one of the best Arrow fights or The Flash’s best epic scenes. It has that similar “wow” effect, not to mention some gores and brutality that you seldom see on superhero movies.

Overall, the fight choreography was up there. It is not the best fight scene, but it is certainly not too shabby. It has some moments and some more.

The Storytelling

The storytelling of the Titans as of episode 1 is alright. It is not confusing and easy to follow. It delivers an interesting enough dialogue that does not hurt the ears.

There are some overused lines here and there, and the execution is smooth. Although it could have used some more casual exchange of lines with a more meaningful throw, I’d say it was quite alright.

The story kept me interested for 85% of the time. And that’s trying to be conservative on my end. I would have given it a higher rating because as I have mentioned earlier, the first 10 minutes was really something. It left a satisfying beat that gets you through the whole story.

The origin story for Raven (Teagan Croft) is a good start. Although not much was revealed, I believe it was for the better. The director needs that upbeat start after all. So I’d say carry on with whatever you’re doing, man. I believe you’re on the right track.


As for the Starfire character (Anna Diop), the director made her story a bit mysterious for now. And I guess it makes sense. Revealing too much in the first episode could have made the whole thing messy and too much to handle for all its viewers even for the fans.


Robin or Dick Grayson (Brenton Thwaites) is carrying the whole episode quite well. For now, I would say that he seems fit to don the character. He is doing a great job so far. And the fact that he can punch and kick the way he does, I’d say this should be an exciting season and a new TV show to look forward to in the coming weeks.

Dick Grayson

Lastly, Beast Boy (Ryan Potter) was unexpected at the last part. But still, it gave that hint for the upcoming episodes. And I think I will enjoy this one while waiting for the Game of Thrones season 8.

Ryan Potter

The Verdict

Overall, I will give the Titans TV series 7 out of 10 stars. This rating is only good for the current existing episodes. If they continue doing this impressive style of storytelling plus the fight scenes, I will retain this score for them. But as soon as this show becomes just like those only-good-at-first-episode kinds of thing, I would let you guys know immediately.

Anyway, thank you for reading this far. So what, do you guys think of the new Titans TV series? Sure, it looks promising and all but I bet you guys have your own opinions over the show. Tell us what you think in the comment section. If you can, tell us your rating for the show as well. We would love to know your take on this DCU’s new move for their superhero characters.

Here’s the trailer from Netflix…

3 thoughts on “Titans TV Series: Better Than I Expected

  1. It’s alright, man. We all make mistakes. We get your point. Yes, it’s a good series and we would love to see more of this kind.

  2. Arrgh how enabarrassing pls include an edit button
    This one at his one looks like I’ve developed a stutter😅
    Please read ‘wish I’d been around to work on Titans’
    I could lose my Guild Card 😂

  3. Well Titans really is something!
    Hi end production values. A1 Cinematography Tight script with good character development and excellent casting. Actors making great choices that lead to very believable relationships.
    I hope we get more of this one The violence is extreme but believable given the plot
    Only wish I’d still been around to work on this one!

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