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6 Types of Advertising to Boost Your Sale

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Businessmen want the same thing as everyone else— big profit. But most businesses cannot thrive without proper exposure to the public. In order to do that, a businessman must learn to utilize all the possible ways for the sales to go up. And those ways are called “Advertising.”

Marketing or advertising, whichever you prefer to use, has many subsets. It can be broadcast media through radio and television. It can be print media using magazines and newspapers. Or support media using fine art printing services to produce high-quality billboard images. To give you more ideas, here are some types of advertising that can help grow your business.

Print Advertising

Print advertising has been the backbone and immediate go-to for various businesses small and big. One of the many reasons is because it is low-cost and easily available. In fact, you could make your own print advertising using a local printer to make fliers and small posters.

Newspaper advertising

But if you want to create high-quality images in huge frames, go for the best fine art printing services to get the most out of your money.

This type of marketing strategy can be through newspapers, magazines, tabloids, or as commonly known as print ads. It can also be through flyers, brochures, handouts, and leaflets. There is also another way of print advertising called direct mail advertising in which a business entity sends out printed mail directly to its consumer.

Broadcast Advertising

Broadcast advertising or popularly known as TV and radio commercials are also a big hit. It is a mass-marketing type that has been also the most popular way of reaching out to general and public consumers

Broadcast Advertising

A business can easily get significant popularity boost with this kind of advertisement. A few days of consistent appearance through commercial breaks and your business could become a household name. This type of strategy is best for enterprises that target nationwide population.

Online Advertising

Print and broadcast advertising has been the dominant and gold standard for advertising strategy for a very long time. But since the rise of the internet and social media, online advertising became the number one go-to for products and services exposure.

Social Media

Social media has been undoubtedly the most influential platform in the past decade. Products are shown as banners, text ads, or pop-ups. As the majority of the population is currently under the control of social media, companies are shifting more to the advantage that is the power of the internet.

Knowing full well that their consumers and potential customers are spending more time on Facebook and other social media platform, business companies are shifting to online advertising. Who does not want a sure bet positive result for their dollar?

Product Placement

This is the most recent and yet effective type of advertisement. It uses media platforms such as TV shows, video games, and movies to advertising a product. This method does not use a commercial-break-type of approach. It presents itself as a product or service that is being discussed positively by the personalities in a TV show or any other media platform.

Game ads
Product Placement

Product placement has proved to be effective since it uses practical exposure while it integrates within the “How.” This approach avoids being too obvious as a gimmick or seems forced in front of an audience.

So which type of advertisement do you most prefer? Which one fits your business needs?

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