W8 1080p action cam

W8 1080P Action Cam Review: Wrong Impression

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Buying a cheap action cam was the last resort that I have for the holiday. I do not have an extra budget, but I need to have a video recording device ASAP. Yes, the microphone on my Android smartphone, for some unknown reason, won’t work. So what did I do? I bought the W8 1080P action camera from an online store.

W8 1080p action cam

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The Search for a Decent Camera

So I browse and research some specific action camera that is both cheap and decent. But after two hours of searching online, I just started losing hope.

Then lo and behold, I found an action cam thumbnail with a 4-star rating and around 40+ comments. So I clicked on the image and started reading comments and reviews. About half of them say something positive about the cam. And the other half is just saying thrash and negative stuff. I understand their frustrations. What are they expecting from a $15 action cam?

But there I was thinking it just costs around $15.00, what could possibly go wrong? But then, my gut is still telling me to do some research first before hitting that “Buy Now” button.

Eventually, I found some YouTube channels that show some footage taken from this action camera. And I noticed one consistent thing about those footages. They were all using a crappy video editor (I’m using Cyberlink PowerDirector). Then I analyzed the comments and made a decision—I clicked on the “Buy Now” button.

W8 1080P Specs

  • H.264 Full HD 1080P
  • 30-meter waterproof housing
  • 3.7v 900mAh battery (Removable)
  • 12.0 Megapixels
  • TF Card (Micro SDHC) Class 10+ up to 32GB
  • 2 inch LTPS LCD
  • 140-degree wide-angle lens
  • Built-in Wi-Fi Function

W8 1080P Action Camera Review

Honestly, I was expecting too little about the W8 1080P action camera. My intention was for it to work as my recording device. I will deal with the editing and some enhancements if required.

The action cam was delivered almost night time. So when it arrived, I tested it on dark scenes. And yes, it was terrible. So the night mode is a big let-down. But then again, the event will be on daylight so I guess it could still work.

Another surprise was when I found out that it has some accessories that came with it:

  • It has a bike mount
  • Two types of helmet mounts
  • Waterproof case with spare cover
  • Handlebar/Pole Mount
  • Some clips
  • USB Cable and Charger Brick
  • More mounts
  • And Bandages

To think that it is just worth $15 (750Php), I am already good. I felt like I already had my money’s worth.

The next morning, it was raining. There’s not much light outside, but it will suffice. And then I put on my jogging attire and tested the camera for a run.

I got the settings on 1080P@30FPS. I was a bit surprised to find that there is also a setting for 2K@20FPS and 4K@15FPS. So I decided to test the 1080P first then 2k and finally 4K for each lap.

I played every video on its 2inches LCD, and there was nothing much to it. I was disappointed. But I just thought later on that it’s a small device. It must not have a proper speaker, and the LCD is at low resolution. It was not fair to give a verdict when I have not seen the final output on my computer.

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The Video Output

So I went home and slapped the USB cable onto the device and started copying all the footages. After a few minutes, I started playing each video.

To my surprise, it’s decent. For $15, it can actually record the 1080P resolution pretty well. I mean, it is not GoPro material, but it works. It actually works.

The 1080P video output was playing smoothly and usable for its purpose. The 2K video output was a bit less smooth, and the 4K video output was even worse. It skips frames and just not ideal for a proper video effect.

And the best part is that it records audio with impressive clarity. Even low tone voices are recorded. It is actually too sensitive when it comes to picking up sounds. But all my talks were recorded satisfyingly.

Of course, the microphone is only that good without the waterproof case. If you put it inside the waterproofing case, it can still pick up sounds but not as crisp as when it was not encased.

To see all the footages taken from my W8 1080P camera, click on these videos. See for yourself what I am talking about. Make sure to set the video resolution to 1080p on your YouTube. Also, if you have a slow internet speed, you will not see the real 1080p resolution.

Final Verdict

The W8 1080P action camera exceeds its $15 expectations. It can record smooth 1080P video with some image stabilization effect. It’s not the best image stabilization, but it does the job well enough more than its money worth.

The audio is the most impressive part. I am amazed at how clear it can pick up my voice. I just hate it when I am recording on a windy day. It can also pick up the wind-blows and other sounds around me. I am currently using this action camera for test vlogging on YouTube.

The biggest downside with this camera is the fish-eye view. Because it is using a wide-angle lens, the video looks curvy on the side. So I will not recommend this for those of you who take videography seriously.

And that wide-angle lens, it is literally wide. I think it is more than just 140 degrees. I think it’s 170 degrees.

This device is only good for those simple activities, and you want to record it. It is also great as a dash cam. Although with the battery, you should know that it can only last for an hour on a continuous shot.

Until I finally get the hang of doing videography and related stuff, I will be using this camera for more. I think I can make this work. So I will recommend this only if you are not picky or choosy with video quality. It does not have the best color calibration so professional video editors would cringe to this.

W8 Action Camera Review (TAGALOG):

As for those of you with a similar low standard on videos and such, get this because it is worth your $15. It’s probably even more.

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